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Our Sponsors

Sponsors provide both program and financal support to both the Betsy Ross Division Navy Sea Cadet and Navy League Cadet units. Our sponsors also provide a heritage link to our communities.

Betsy Ross Division Sponsors include the following organizations and businesses:

1. Our primary sponsoring organization is the Greater Los Angeles Woman's Council "Navy Belles", which supports the charter of the U.S. Navy League.

Navy Bells

Access to this organization can be done throught the "Links" section of this website.

2. LA City Neighborhood Councils also help support the Betsy Ross Division. Neighborhood Councils that have provided financial sponsorships are the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council and the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council.


Access to this organization can be done throught the "Links" section of this website.

3. Patriot General, a business own and operated by Steve Garcia who is a current USNSCC Instructor and former Sea Cadet has supported the training gear needs associated with our Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.


Access to this business can be done throught the "Links" section of this website.

4. The Knights of Columbus, Van Nuys Council #3148 is a special sponsor who the Cadets support Holiday Programs by collecting toy donations and help distribute them at Knights of Columbus Events.

Knights of Columbus

Access to this organization can be done throught the "Links" section of this website.

How You Can Help

Financial support from our community is through donations from organizations, businesses and individuals. It should be noted that 100% of your contribution goes to support the activities for the Sea Cadets. We have no paid staff - all those who work with USNSCC Betsy Ross Division are volunteers. Your donation will help to support our cadets throughout the year for Summer/Winter Trainings, training gear, cadet supplies and uniform gear.

All donations to Betsy Ross Division are tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code for youth service organizations. Donations to Betsy Ross Division are deductible on federal tax returns to the extent allowable by law under the Internal Revenue Service Code. We will provide a written receipt confirming your donation. This is suitable documentation in the event of an IRS audit.

To make a donation, please contact Captain Bill Ratner, USN (Ret.) at for further information.

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