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Special Messages to the Parents of Betsy Ross Sea Cadets

Welcome to the "Parent's Page" of the Betsy Ross Division Website. This section of the website is designed for the parents of both the Naval Sea Cadets and the Navy League Sea Cadets within the Betsy Ross Division.

The Sea Cadet Program may or may not be new to you. Either way, our program at Betsy Ross could not succeed without your commitment and support. Although the Division has been serving the youth in our community since the 1970's, that could not have been done without the continuing parnership between our Adult Instructors and our Cadet Parents.

Adult Leader Testimonial

In Their Own Words

Mrs. Rosa Delgadillo

I became an Adult Leader in the Betsy Ross Sea Cadet Division because I met a former instructor who told me of the difference I could make. It also helped that my daughter was in the unit and bugged me to get involved.

I've seen a big change in my daughter. She is more disciplined. She take morepride in her uniforms and works harder to look presentable for the Divisional meetings and events. She takes her school work more seriously and is now earning good grades.

I am learning more about the Sea Cadets through its Adult Training Program. This provided me a good foundation for learning what the Sea Cadet Program is all about. I've enjoyed the training, but not the marching.

The biggest thing I learned is that the Sea Cadet Program is not about sending my child off to war. This is a big misconception. The Program is about building character, courage and honor.

I want to support the unit and make it a better place for our children to grow.

October 4, 2010

National Leaders Testimonials

Secretary of the Navy Endorsement Former Sea Cadet Former Sea Cadet


Results from July's Parent Support Group Meeting

The Parent Support Group Meeting discussed various topics that can be accessed by the link below.

Link to Parent Support Group Notes, click here.

- - - - - - - - - - -

A Parent Support Group is formed to assist parents with there questions, concerns, or just having another parent to talk to about their Cadet's progress in the Sea Cadet Program. The Parents Support Group will meet the 2nd Monday in the month from 7:30PM to 8:30 PM in the drill hall, our base of operations. This support group is open to all parents, especially parent(s) of our newest Cadets.

The Parent Support Group is an addition to the twice a year Parent Meetings and will allow a means of discussing items that come up time to time. Please bring your Parent Handbook to these meetings with your concerns, so our designated parents can address your questions.

By working as a solid Team - Parent, Instructors and Cadet, we can achieve the goals of our "character building program".

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook has been designed to provide you with a detailed description of the Sea Cadet Program. Many concepts about the Naval Sea Cadet Corps may be new to you, especially for parents who have no previous experieince with our Nation's Naval Services. Please use this handbook to become familiar with the regulations and customs of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

We have an open door policy toward all of the parents of our cadets. Please feel free to contact us about your questions, concerns and support in your son's participation in this great program.

Former Sea Cadet

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Link to Parent Handbook, click here.

Here are some topics addressed in the Handbook:




Navy Core Value

Personal Grooming

Parent Responsibilities

Training and Advancement

What to Bring to Drills

Handbook Excerpt: What your son can expect from the Program

"As a Cadet, your daughter can expect a few things when he joins. Cadets are in a disciplined enviornment, and are required to adhere to all the rulls and regulations in place. They are responsible for themselves and need to make responsible decisions and act in a courteous way. Should they have a situation where they need to talk to an officer, they will always have direct access to them. As cadets, they need to wear their uniforms on a regular basis. They will need to properly manage time so that they can fit in all of the activities they want to do. They will also be responsible to keep you informed on their cadet activities so you know what is going on within their unit."

Parent Support

The Adult Leaders of the Division request support from each parent when their son is enrolled:

1. We count on the parents to support their son's timeliness at drills because drills are a regular part of being a cadet, and are not optional. We seek to maintain Cadet's attendance above 75%.

2. We need patents to re-inforce their son's regular school work and classwork from the unit. We are striving for each Cadet to acheive a 2.75 GPA in school work and to complete courses so they can be promoted on time.

3. We also ask you to get involved with the unit. We are always looking for parents to particpate as an Adult Leader or per the Parent Questionnaire.

We will keep you informed as to the Divisional Schedule and the yearly training opportunities. We do this to provide parents with the information necessary to maintain Divisional standards. The Adult Leaders will also schedule an All Parents Meeting, usually in November, so you will be briefed on activities and requirements for the upcoming year.

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